Is Saas the new tech bubble ?

According to a recent study conducted by Saugatuck Technology, the demand for Saas (Software as a Service) and on-demand software should remain strong this year despite the current economic meltdown and the subsequent cut in IT budgets. Are we facing the risk of a new tech bubble that wil grow and eventually collapse like in 2000-2001 ?
Jonathan Blum raised the question in a controversial post where he claims we already see the first signs of a future collective crash : too many players, no business model for most of the Saas applications etc. As you guess, Blum’s opinion already generated reactions in the blogosphere. On Computerworld, Mark Everett Hall dismisses his arguments and replies that “if it is a bubble, it hasn’t come close to its bursting stage”…

Bubble or not bubble : what do you think ?

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