In 2009, ContactOffice will live at the Brazilian samba rhythms…

We are extremely happy to announce the first partnership with one of the French official institutions in Brazil; the CenDoTec. CenDoTec, the French-Brazilian Technical & Scientific Documentation’s Center, has chosen ContactOffice to boost their internal communications and collaborative works.

CenDoTec is mainly divided in three activity’s poles:

The Campus France, an administration service for Brazilian students aiming to study in France, and a  promotional tool for French and Brazilian universities’ partnership. See

The Infocentre in charge of scientific watch and of newsletters publication, for French and Brazilian professionals willing to know more about science, innovation and technology taking place in one of the two countries

The Comunidade França-Brasil promoting relations between French and Brazilians students, workers or simply citizens. If you have a professional or personal relationship with France and/or Brazil, we invite you to visit their platform.

Actually, Brazil is the fifth largest country by geographical area, occupying nearly half of South America, the fifth most populous country, and the fourth most populous democracy in the world.

Therefore, the need for communication and mobility is more crucial than in most other countries. According to Miss Faustine Fourdinier, the virtual desk of ContactOffice is of great help for the CenDoTec staff, mainly because some of them need to travel a lot and always need to stay in touch with their colleagues, even far away from the office. Moreover, communication between colleagues and document sharing are a key element in the CenDoteC activites. The “virtual desk” is currently used internally by twenty employees.

Chekout our work in progress by visiting the Cendotec Virtual Desk

This is a first step in CenDoTeC’s plans to upgrade their ICT and networking infrastructure.

CenDoTec intends to extend the use of the ContactOffice “Virtual Desk’ to a larger public than the staff itself, why not starting with the CenDoTeC’s partners, perhaps following with all Comunidade França-Brasil’s members. This new collaboration will lead to a brand new version of your favourite virtual office in PORTUGUESE J

Tenha cuidado, a produção da versão do seu escritório virtual em Português do Brasil está chegando em breve 😉

We wish the best to this new exciting project and to the CenDoTec team for this New Year 2009 !!

Rio Carnaval Brazil

Written by by Olivier for CO

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