Configuring your MX record or Mail exchanger record

Just receiced the latest domainname stats:

Ranking Novembre 2008

1 .COM 78 448 986
2 .CN 13 000 000
3 .DE 12 407 681
4 .NET 11 964 545
5 .ORG 7 281 070
6 .CO.UK 7 215 447
7 .INFO 5 016 129
8 .NL 3 155 313
9 .EU 2 966 776
10 .BIZ 2 029 713
16 .FR 1 287 879
26 .BE 842 842

China and Germany lead as national Top Level Domains.

If you also own a domainname for your business or family, did you know you can attach this domainname to your ContactOffice mail account in order to have a personalised email address instead of a email address? In order to do so you need to direct the MX record or Mail exchanger record of your domainname to our SMTP servers.

Find more info about ContactOffice as an email server.

The exact procedure:

Instead of having an e-mail address with a ‘ContactOffice’ domain construction, you can have your own domain name directly on your servers, these servers becoming the offical e-mail servers for your domain name.


– Own a domain name. We don’t sell them: if you don’t have one, you can acquire one with following companies: ou
– Own a paying subscription with ContactOffice.


– The address with ContactOffice domain name will be deleted and will be attributed to an other user. Be sure to inform our contacts of the change of address.
– All e-mails sent to any address of your domain name arrive on our servers: it’s not possible to transfer only certain selected addresses.
– If you already have an e-mail server for your domain name, be sure to follow the procedure correctly to avoid the loss of messages.

Procedure if no server is currently defined for you domain name

1. Modify (or ask the company you registered your domain name with, to modify the “MX records” (MX = Mail Exchangers) of your domain name as follows: MX preference = 10, mail exchanger = MX preference = 10, mail exchanger =

NB1: The two entries are important to guarantee a good load balance and fail over.

NB2: The “.” at the end of the line is crucial. Without them the MX records are faulty (

2. The propagation of the DNS needs some time (from a few hours to a few days). Consequently, you might have to wait for at least 24h before the propagation is effective.

3. If the propagation is effective, please contact us through e-mail and give us your domain name, as well as your login and chosen e-mail address. If several addresses have to be created, send us the list of addresses with their corresponding logins. Since a ContactOffice account can only be linked to one e-mail address, create several accounts if necessary.

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