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ContactOffice vision is to offer one central online storage place for all your personal data such as calendar, documents, contacts,… In line with cloud computing, we believe that there is an ever-increasing need to be able access one’s data from any computer or terminal (smartphone, PDA,…). People are on the move and have their data on different devices. That’s is why we have developped import and export modules for all our tools. We want our users to be able to as easily import their data from any tool as export them.

Our calendar for example can be accessed through different browsers, synchronised with outlook or PDA’s and smartphones. You can get notifications through SMS or RSS, you can access it via a calendar client in ICal on a personal URL, you can layer it with external calendars published in ICal and finally you can import or export it in iCal, vCal or a printable PDF file.

Our contacts can be accessed through different browsers, synchronised with outlook or PDA’s and smartphones, imported from Outlook Express, Outlook 2000, Outlook 98, Outlook 97, vCard, LDIF (compatible with Netscape, Mozilla and Thunderbird), CSV. Finally you can export it to vCard for Outlook (Hey, they have their own vCard standard??? 😉 ), vCard (standard) and CSV (comma seperated value).

Our documents tools is even more amazing. Not only can you access all the documents in ContactOffice from your browser. You can also be notified through mail or RSS. In addition our document server is also a WebDAV server, which means you can access the documents through your file manager as if they were documents stored on a local file server. You can then just drag and drop them from your hard disk to the ContactOffice server via your local filemanager. Our documents are now also an FTP server allowing you to access them through an FTP client. Finally we developped both a webdav and just released a CIFS / SMB client. Users can now access locally stored documents (on a local file server) through the browser interface of ContactOffice when they are on the move. For more in depth information on the Webdav or the CIFS / SMB protocol follow the links to wikipedia.

More about our attachment to standards and access modes in a following post.

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