Punctuation in word form

Dear users,

As you may have noticed the ContactOffice application is continuously being improved in line with your request or wishes as well as with our vision of the ideal online collaboration solution.

The upgrades of our application happen around every two weeks without you ever having to do something. This is one of the major advantages of the SAAS model. We take care of your application: you don’t need to do upgrades, nor do you need to take back-ups of the data, you do not even have to worry about securty issues, spam or viruses.

It is even better than that, you never notice the moment we upgrade since these upgrades take very little time and they happen overnight.

Before upgrading the application we take care internally to test and debug the new version of the application. However very rarely does it occur that a bug slips into a new piece of code or functionality or a perfectly working part of the application suddenly starts malfunctioning. This is what is called a ‘regression’.

That is what happened during our latest release last Friday:
Normal punctuation suddenly appears in word form: For example Wall Street &apos s should be Wall Street’s.

We are presently changing this problem in the code and it will be solved at our next release in around 10 days.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

The ContactOffice Team

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