Major increase in storage capacities subscriptions

Dear ContactOffice users,

We want to thank you and more than 500.000 other clients for trusting ContactOffice to store your data.

The amount of data that our clients wish to store on our secure servers is constantly increasing. We are therefore pleased to inform you that our free and paying subscriptions will receive a major increase in storage capacities as from today.

Free subscriptions
E-mails 15 MB -> 100 MB
Documents 5 MB -> 100 MB

Our paid subscriptions will get:

* All ContactOffice features: SMS, access from Outlook (POP3/IMAP, authenticated outgoing server), synchronization with sofware (ex : Outlook) and PDA’s, filters, search, archiving, FTP access to Documents, access to third-party WebDAV servers and, soon, access to third-party IMAP servers and your e-mail folders sorted by threads.

* An Impressive increase in storage: from 6 to 76 GB in total!
E-mails 2 GB
Documents (private) 1 GB
Documents (groups) 3 GB
Total storage 6 GB
Pricing (taxes incl.) 5 EUR/month


E-mails 4 GB
Documents (private) 2 GB
Documents (groups) 10 GB
Total storage 16 GB
Pricing (taxes incl.) 10 EUR/month

E-mails 6 GB
Documents (private) 4 GB
Documents (groups) 40 GB
Total storage 50 GB
Pricing (taxes incl.) 20 EUR/month

E-mails 10 GB
Documents (private) 6 GB
Documents (groups) 60 GB
Total storage 76 GB
Pricing (taxes incl.) 50 EUR/month

To learn more about subscriptions, log in and click on “Subscription”.

Discover the new interface!
Our new interface is more similar to traditional, non-web based software. For example, it is now possible to select multiple items with the mouse, drag & drop items, or open a contextual menu with a right-click of the mouse. Moreover, the new interface has new features such as inbox autorefresh (every 5 minutes), one-operation-empty-trash-action, and much more!

Check out the demo to discover these new possibilities. Select “Beta interface” in the pull-down menu and log in using your usual login and password. You can go back to the current interface by selecting “classic interface” in the same pull-down menu.

Don’t hesitate to send your comments and suggestions to Support.

Best regards,
ContactOffice team

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