Full house for ContactOffice presentation at the “Assises 2008”

ContactOffice has participated at the “Assises 2008”. This event was organized by the CSIESR at the “La Grande Motte (Hérault) in France”.

A large attendence was present to assist to the ContactOffice presentation about the integration of Collaborative Services in Didital Learning Spaces (DLS) and their new AJAX interface for the educational sector. This presentation has been a great success and received a very positive feedback from the actors of the educational sector.

ContactOffice had a stand during the 3 days of the event from 13th to the 15th May :

Program of the presentation :

13th May:

– PRES, LRU and CAMPUS (Pierre Ageron & Stephane Accart)
– DSI and best pratices with ITI (Brigitte Sor & Pierre Ageron)
– SOA, Web Services, applicative Layer (Dominique Colla & Dominique Duquenne)

14th May:

– Activities recovery plan, obligations, permanence and service quality (Dominique Duquenne & Alexandre Mirek)
– ATEMPO: Protect and manage data’s volume
– DELL VMWare: Virtualisation and P.R.A.
– MICROSOFT: Windows Server 2008 for Universities and laboratories
– ARUBA: Integrated security in a Wifi network for new applications
– ORACLE: Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
– APPLE: Mac integration in a heterogeneous environment
– AGRESSO: Education, teaching, administrative and financial management of the formation
– 3 COM: OSN, opening of the network to applications

15th May:

– POLYCOM: The interactive multimedia communication
– CONTACTOFFICE: The integration of Collaborative Services in Didital Learning Spaces (DLS)

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