Beta 1.2.002 released

The release 1.2.002 of the beta is out (.fr users click here).

Beta 1.2.002 introduces new features and enhancements such as :

  • Wiki
  • Info panels
  • Threading for emails (only for paying subscriptions)
  • Categories on docs, notes, contacts, bookmarks, …
  • Right click or Ctrl click for Mac users to access contextual menus
  • View document as PDF (.doc .ppt .xls .txt + openOffice extensions)
  • Import Google contacts
  • Account backup now includes the notes
  • Details panel fro emails and contacts can now be collapsed or expanded as well email headers
  • ‘Print contact’ is now available
  • Some drop-down menus were not displayed for FireFox/Mac users
  • Better interface color contrast
  • Tons of UI enhancements and bug fixes

ContactOffice Team

Collaboration and Messaging Web Application Suite (

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