Beta 1.2.001 released

The release 1.2.001 of the beta is out (.fr users click here).

Beta 1.2.001 introduces numerous new features and enhancements such as :

  • Usage indicators
  • Auto zoom for calendar events
  • Slightly more contrasted design (still to improve)
  • Category editor
  • Categories (colors) are now applicable to an email
  • Import vCalendar/iCal attachments in the private calendar
  • Import vCard attachments in the private address book
  • Access to legacy interface
  • Documents: direct access URLs are now displayed in document’s properties
  • Documents: notify group members
  • Mail: reply with template, create message with template
  • Mail: associate a specific sender name to a given sender address
  • Mail: ability to save received attachments in group folders
  • Mail: Delete key didn’t work reliably in list view
  • Mail: save attachment in documents command implemented
  • Mail: Reply indicator was not refreshed
  • Calendar: colors were missing in the month view
  • Addressbook: Contact picture was not displayed until next login
  • Common: new color picker with a 16 colors palette
  • Tons of UI enhancements and bug fixes

ContactOffice Team

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  1. Congratulation for this release that leave others web offices in the dust!

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