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We have officially released the Spanish version of ContactOffice after soft-launching a test version earlier this Summer.

ContactOffice can now be used in English, French, Dutch and Spanish, and the interface itself is also available in Finnish and Swedish. We’re working on adding more languages soon, stay tuned!

Adding more proof to the international nature of our solution, here’s an interesting breakdown of the diversity in our user base:

We have users in 154 countries, which means ContactOffice is used by 80% of all countries worldwide.

The majority of our users use the English version (40,7%), closely followed by French (39,7%). The Dutch version is used by 16,2%.

Most of our users are in Europe: 24,4% comes from Belgium, followed by France (20,1%) and The Netherlands (8,6%)

From all countries outside Europe, the United States hosts most users: 16,3%

Our users come from the most exotic places: we have registered users from countries like India, South-Africa, Mexico and even one from Zimbabwe!

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