Education Customers Days 2007

The yearly Education Customers Days are of course intended to introduce the latest features to the projects managers and technical staff of our education versions. More importantly, even if we welcome suggestions every day of the year, this is an opportunity for our customers to express their wishes of new features and enhancements and to discuss them together and with the ContactOffice staff. After a presentation of our roadmap, we asked the participants to vote for each item. The results of this vote will have a clear impact on the new features schedule. We also received lots of interesting suggestions that we will analyze and then integrate into our improvements list. With ContactOffice, customers have a real influence on the evolution of the product and that is very important to them.

Education Customers will soon set up a user group in order to exchange experiences, technical information, tips & tricks and ideas. Needless to say, they will be using ContactOffice as groupware tool.

We thank the UNR PACA for hosting us in Marseille. The next Education Customers Days will be organized around April-May 2008.

ContactOffice Team

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