Read/Write Web: Web Office Week

Richard MacManus over at Read/Write Web is featuring a series of blog spots on Web Offices this week.

One of the items was an interesting poll about Word processing tools, that delivered the following top 5:

1. Microsoft Word 47% (391 votes)
2. OpenOffice 15% (125 votes)
3. Google Docs 13% (105 votes)
4. A Text Editor (e.g. Notepad, Emacs) 7% (58 votes)
5. Zoho 6% (48 votes)

The rest of the result can be found here.

We are planning on soon integrating tools to allow editing of documents (text, spreadsheet, presentation, …) into ContactOffice too, so we can be included in the list for the next poll 😉

More information soon!

Richard MacManus also wrote a lengthy post titled “Web Office Defined – How it’s Evolved From 2005 to Present” which I think brings a good overview of the evolution in web offices from 2005 until present. If you consider the fact that ContactOffice was founded in 1999, you might say we truly have been one of the pioneers in this field.

Editor Josh Catone followed up with his pick of “10 Must Have Online Office Apps“.

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