ContactOffice at Emakina Academy

Enterprise 2.0

The Web 2.0 technologies are exploding and even your own company can’t escape this new revolution. Blogs, wikis, social networks, virtual offices, RSS feeds… A new generation of collaborative tools is completely reshaping the way people work together and share their knowledge. Are you ready for Enterprise 2.0?

During this 8th Emakina Academy, you will learn:

– How to successfully implement a collaborative work platform for your company;

– Why Fortis sets up social networks to improve communication value inside and outside the company;

– How large accounts like La Poste or Dassault Systèmes use blogs and wikis to increase knowledge sharing;

– Why a virtual office can be a kost killer and a major asset for your business workflow.


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Flagey Cultural Centre
Place Flagey
1050 Brussels
Roadmap on

Chaussée de Vleurgat 80
Vleurgatsesteenweg 80
1050 Brussels

14th June 2007
09h30 – 14h00

09.00 Registration & welcome coffee
09.30 Enterprise 2.0
10.00 Gurus: social networking and knowledge sharing platform
10.45 Coffee break
11.00 BlueKiwi: collective intelligence at work
11.45 Join2Grow, a social network for European entrepreneurs
12.15 ContactOffice, a virtual office for your company
12.45 Walking Lunch

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