Beta Release Opening to all ContactOffice users

We are proud to announce the official opening of the beta release 1.1.000 to all ContactOffice users.

This new version features full email, documents, contacts and bookmarks management. Our legacy calendar tool is also included in order to provide our users with a real ‘usable environment’.

This beta will progressively evolve by adding new tools such as calendars, notes, group management, … to finally replace the current stable version.

.fr accounts should go to


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5 Responses

  1. Thomas Ruddler says:

    Really, really impressive. How did you achieve this ? Is this only based on GWT are is there somme other technique involved? Is your code available for download somewhere ?

    Thank you fro your reply,

  2. Effy Haegen says:

    I just started playing around and found some minor bugs. There are still some ergonomics work that need to be done. Ur on the good way. Keep up the good job.


  3. Arnaud says:


    Tx for your interest.

    We do not plan to currently make the code available as such. What we will do (and what we currently already do for the ‘drag and drop’ code), is to contribute and cooperate with Google ‘s GWT team to help them enhance their product and therefore benefiting to GWT developper’s community.

  4. Arnaud says:


    Your are right. This is a prime beta release, waiting for user’s comments. There are tons of ergonomic to fix before we make a suitable application.

    That’s the role devoted to a beta, no (or should we have called this an Alpha ?) ?

  5. Claude says:


    Amazing… I’m a Contactoffice user since almost 2 years and i was waiting to see the new features of your application.
    Well, I’m not disappointed, the “drag and drop” feature is a revolution. Of course, there is some improvement to do but you are going in the right way.
    Tell me when the calendar beta version will be available.

    Good luck for the future


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