Beta 1.1.000 in prod

We are pleased to announce a first beta release of the new GUI of the ContactOffice Virtual Office. This beta is based on GWT (Google Web Toolkit). It presently only contains the documents ans bookmarks tools and might contain bugs. There is currently no support for Safari, but this will be added soon (Apple users could in the meantime use FireFox).

Do not hesitate to submit bugs or wishes at any time to or post to this blog. We are mostly interested at this time in your feedback on our general approach. In particular we’d like to know if there are any fundamental design/interface choices we have made that will ultimately prevent us from achieving a correct application.

The release is offered ‘as is’ and beta tester accounts might be deleted without prior notice. So, please do not store any important information. Beta tester accounts might be subject to deletion if not used after 30 consecutive days. Beta tester accounts are also valid on ContactOffice

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